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Insuring a motorhome, short term

If you wish to use your own motorhome from time to time, borrow one from someone else, lend one to a friend or even hire your own out commercially, short term motorhome insurance may be just the answer. You can arrange cover at any time of day or night, downloading your documents to print out on your own home printer, and either you, your friends or your client could be able to drive it with comprehensive insurance within a matter of minutes. Do you want to take it to Europe? You would be covered throughout the countries of the EU (third part only, but you can upgrade to comprehensive cover for an extra premium).

There are of course a number of qualifications that must be borne in mind. The vehicle must be a genuine UK registered motorhome, complete with a full-size bed, wardrobes, cupboards and and a fitted eating area; and not US manufactured. It should have an engine size not exceeding 3000 cc, weigh less than 3.5 tonnes GVW and have a market value not exceeding £50,000. The driver should be aged over 25 with a current UK, EU, Australian or New Zealand driving licence with a reasonable driving record which should include no more than eight penalty points on the licence, no more than two claims for which the driver was at fault in any three-year period, and no convictions for dishonesty within the last five years, or a pending prosecution.

The vehicle should be used for the policyholder's social, domestic or pleasure purposes and cannot be used for carrying goods or passengers for hire or reward (in other words, other people can rent it, but they must drive it themselves; you cannot drive it for paying passengers under this policy).

The vehicle should be 'as original', i.e. with no modifications, except for any necessary modifications to cater for a disabled driver or passengers.

the vehicle cannot be driven to any dangerous locations; that's pretty self explanatory; and no dangerous goods can be carried, although LPG in a proper commercial cylinder is OK.

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